Practicing Relationality is the overarching name for a research project I have been evolving with since 2014. Emerging from philosophical paradigms emphasising that the world is not composed of isolated parts but interdependent processes of relation, it maps my explorations of how these processes can be made tangible and inform lived experience.

My background is in experimental art and I am interested in the visionary and collaborative possibilities provided by interdisciplinary research and practice. I study and experiment with practices that explore how different approaches to knowing, perceiving and thinking open up different forms of relationship. I received a Master of Art Praxis from the Dutch Art Institute in 2017. Since 2016 I have been undertaking a training in Process-oriented Psychology or Processwork, an experimental therapeutic-facilitation practice informed by a somatic and dialogical approach that links the personal and political, spirituality and social activism.

Since 2020 I have started practicing as a process-oriented trainee psychotherapist and group facilitator.

Contact: info[at]savannahtheis.com